Kuwait is an Asian nation most known for its oil production, which serves as the country's primary source of revenue. Kuwait's gross domestic product (GDP) is so high that employees in the oil and allied industries may grin all the way to the bank. The oil, engineering, and banking industries are where the highest-paying occupations may be found.

Manager of Real Estate

Kuwaiti real estate is seeing a surge in recent years. Because some organizations are in desperate need of Real Estate expertise, they are willing to pay a premium to retain top-tier employees. According to the most recent figures, a Real Estate Manager in Kuwait gets more than KWD 6800 per month, which is the highest compensation among all sectors.

Consultant in Financial Management

A Financial Reporting Consultant is a specialist that is responsible for the development of financial statements and budgets for businesses and non-profit organizations. He may also be allocated the responsibility of auditing financial accounts. This professional is rated second in terms of salary and perks, behind only a physician. Study found that the regular income for a Financial Consultant is KWD 6700 per month. One factor that contributes to their better pay than other professionals is the fact that their abilities are in high demand in Kuwait.

Human Resources (HR)

Human Resource Managers are highly regarded professionals in any firm, wherever in the globe. People in this field are very important in any business since they are responsible for managing the affairs of the whole organization in terms of human resources and capital.

Because of the importance they put on the job in Kuwait, Human Resources Managers are accorded particular treatment, much as CEOs are. As a result, they make respectable wages, in some cases exceeding KWD 6000 per month. This is one of the most rewarding occupations in Kuwait.

Environmental Engineer

Kuwait needs Environmental Experts to execute the responsibility of advising corporations and the government on environmental challenges in this day and age of global warming and air pollution, as well as the fact that the country has a large number the oil industry. Environmental Impact Assessment is a time-consuming process, which is why environmental managers in Kuwait are well compensated.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Information Technology is a rare job that is best suited for persons who are creative and imaginative. These abilities are highly sought after in Kuwait, and the talent that has them is in short supply. According to the most recent wage figures, an IT director gets paid the same as an Environmental Manager, which is KWD 5100.

Chief Executive Officer

As the most experienced member of staff in any business, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) reports directly to the chairman. Because he is in charge of making executive decisions, he is richly compensated. This individual receives a monthly salary of KWD 5000 on average.

Engineer in Electrical

This is another job in Kuwait that pays quite well. Electrical engineers work in the oil industry, which is the highest-paying industry in the country of Kuwait. There is an increase in their base income to more than KWD 4900.