Similar to how Gulf economies have seen significant transformations in recent months, including the implementation of value-added tax and fee hikes, we believed it was time to revise our annual Salary Survey as well.

The format served us well over the years and provided a unique insight into the compensation ex-pats could expect for a number of key roles. However, as the decade came to a close, it became increasingly apparent that the positions included were not entirely representative of what was going on in the job market.

Furthermore, because of the emphasis on mostly managerial responsibilities, it provided less information for the bulk of the employees, who are at the lower end of the corporate ladder. In this post, we'll inform you about the highest-paying careers available in the Sultanate of Oman.

General Manager

The GM is responsible for supervising the day-to-day operations of the business. Supervisors are responsible for managing not just their direct reports but also the individuals that work under them. In addition to safeguarding that processes run smoothly, they supervise the execution of company plans, define and assign objectives to functional managers, oversee recruiting processes, manage talent development, and do a variety of other tasks. Because the average income for this position is OMR 45461, you would be able to locate the top paid jobs in Oman.

Engineering ManagerĀ 

Engineering is comprised of a number of different fields, including software, mechanical, civil, and others. Despite the fact that an engineering manager can be associated with any engineering branch, his or her primary duties include collaborating with the management, marketing, and production departments to discuss project specifications and procedures; preparing budgets, bids, and contracts; hiring talent; assigning and supervising work; and evaluating performance, among a slew of other responsibilities A wage of OMR 36500 per month is the average for this position.

Financial Head

The duties and responsibilities of an experienced financial manager include the preparation of financial statements and reports, prediction, monitoring financial activities of the company, hiring and supervising employees who are in charge of financial reporting and budgeting, ensuring compliance with legal requirements, analyzing market trends, identifying expansion opportunities, and making financial decisions to assist the company in succeeding. Because the average compensation for this position in Oman is OMR 33,170, you may want to explore looking for finance manager high-demand positions in the country.

Human Resource

The achievement of every company relies on the effectiveness of its human resource managers, who are in charge of the firm's personnel. A human resources manager is responsible for a variety of tasks, including recruiting and hiring top talent, imparting training, communicating with employees, handling salaries and benefits, fostering an environment of high performance, bringing teams together, caring for employees, and other duties as assigned. It is a fantastic alternative for those looking for employment in Oman for foreigners to apply for HR Manager roles in Oman since the average income for this post is 28,369 OMR, making it a very attractive option.