When social media was first introduced, it was limited in its range of functions. Post photographs, announce important events and stay connected with friends. Not anymore!


Social media sites have become an invaluable tool today. They have helped organisations scale their businesses. For those searching for a job too, looking at social media sites along with job portals could give you your next break.


If you are not an active user of social media and don’t know where to start looking, we’ll guide you. This article discusses tips to use social media to search for jobs.

Update your LinkedIn Profile

We still use the good-old resume to apply for jobs. Nonetheless, having an up-to-date LinkedIn profile has also become imperative today.


Most hiring managers and recruiters may not spend too much time reading a resume. But they do take a moment to review a potential candidate's LinkedIn profile. Hence, crafting an effective LinkedIn Profile is our first tip on starting your social media job search. A resume is restricted in its length. On your LinkedIn profile you can include all the details you want. 


Here’s what to do: Include a short, impressive summary of yourself. Update the details of your education, work history, licenses and certifications, and volunteer experience. Update the section on skills including industry specific skills as well as soft skills.


Check the photograph on your LinkedIn profile. It should be a professional front-facing photograph; not a selfie.


LinkedIn allows you to mark your account as “Open to Work” or Hiring. This is a sure way to let hiring managers know that you are open to considering new job opportunities. You can also mention the job roles you are interested in your profile. This strategy makes it easier for hiring managers to find you.

Choose a Social Media Site

It is a good thing to have an account on multiple social networking sites. However, not all are as helpful for a job search.


Focus on a single social media site or those known to be professional networks. LinkedIn is the best place to start. It has a separate Jobs tab. Here you can filter your search for a job by typing in the position, the preferred location, and the type of job (full-time, part-time or remote).


Facebook groups are yet another place to connect for jobs. Join groups in your niche. Be on the lookout for job postings. Some groups are free to join; others require admin approval.


Facebook and LinkedIn are easier to keep up with. Twitter is more time-consuming. Pinterest and Instagram are more industry-specific job search platforms. For instance, if you are a model, a designer or influencer, media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are extremely beneficial.


Build your Network

Social media sites are all about networking. The larger the network, the greater the visibility. As soon as you create your profile, connect with your friends and past colleagues. You should also follow experts and influencers in your industry.


By networking with people in the same occupation or industry, you will be notified every time there is a job opening. Not only this, a connection from your network might directly recommend you for a vacancy.


If sending a message to a stranger, make sure you send a follow request with a personal message. This way they understand you are not spamming or stalking them.

Join the Discussion

You cannot just set up your social media account and expect it to do the work for you. You have to work on building your social media presence. You need to engage to establish yourself as a thought leader or an expert in your field.


How do you do this? Post relevant and useful content on social media platforms. Listen to what others are saying. Join the conversation by contributing your thoughts and opinions on Facebook Groups and on your LinkedIn Page.


Twitter is another social networking platform where you can pose as an expert in your field. Twitter arranges its discussions around hashtags. Search for the most popular hashtags. Comment on posts. Share and retweet articles you think would be relevant.


Connect with industry experts and thought leaders. Engaging on social media platforms is how you build your personal brand.


Get Endorsed

Remember the references section you find on a resume? It mostly featured past employers, mentors and university professors who were willing to certify your skills and reliability.


Endorsements are references in a digital format. They are like testimonials. Request a colleague, friend or an employer to endorse you on a professional site like LinkedIn. A positive review always reflects well on a candidate's profile.


Google Search

We google almost everything. But, have you ever thought of googling your own name? You will be surprised to see the results that show up against it.


The web is interconnected. It automatically syncs data from all your social media accounts. Type your name in Google and check the posts and images it displays.


Delete anything you find inappropriate or unprofessional. Change the privacy settings on your account to better control what is publicly visible and what remains private. 


Know About the Company

Companies also use social media sites to build their brands. They use their social handles to post about the latest business trends, revenues and achievements.


Research the company you would like to be a part of. Understand their work culture, the type of services offered and services expected. Using social media to dig into a company’s background will help you submit a more personalised and relevant application should there be a job opening.


At the end of it, it is not always about how much or how often you post on social media platforms. There are rules that you must adhere to.


Express your views. But do not adopt an aggressive tone. Also consider how your comment, post or message might be received. Stay clear of controversial and political topics on a professional network.


Choose your words with care. Avoid the use of slang and extremely informal language.


So whether you have 10+ years of experience under your belt or you are a fresher just starting out, use social media to your advantage for a job search.