As a result of the coronavirus pandemic's aftermath, a significant number of individuals are now looking for new employment opportunities. However, with so many individuals seeking employment at the same time, the job market is not simple to navigate. The trouble is that everyone is doing it at the same time. So, how can you distinguish yourself from the crowd? Check out the strategies and tactics listed below to help you become more marketable.

A CV that is concise

Keep these three words in mind: clear, succinct, and straightforward. That is exactly how your CV should be written! Your CV should be a concise overview that can be read at a look. It should make use of formatting, bullet points, and white space to make it more readable and to lead the scanning eye in the right direction. If you're working with small margins or small font sizes to accommodate everything on a single page, get comfortable with the backspace button and begin to use it often.

Sports and Job matter

Although it may not seem like a sure-fire strategy to secure yourself a job, research has shown that including a sport on your resume may increase your chances of securing an interview and landing a job - regardless of what business you're in. It is advantageous to have a sporting background on your resume, as opposed to having a pastime since it allows you to exhibit a variety of talents, ranging from teamwork to determination and many more in between.

What distinguishes you from the rest of the pack?

Everyone is unique, don't you think? So, consider what distinguishes you from the competition and how you can utilize this to your advantage as your unique selling point. Does your background include transferable abilities or certifications that other applicants are less likely to possess? Perhaps your marketing perspective will prove to be a valuable contribution to the technology team. Alternatively, your interpersonal abilities will assist you in integrating into a workplace that has just had some significant changes in management or direction. Those extra aspects of your candidacy will aid in the development of the narratives you tell.

Recognize your own abilities

If you want to go any closer to your professional objectives, it's critical to conduct a subjective inventory of your present expertise and then develop solid strategies to fill in any gaps that may have arisen. This is an excellent opportunity to do so, especially at the beginning of a new year.


Relationships with a variety of individuals who may turn out to be your future employers might be beneficial in moving your career forward. Furthermore, it is critical to spread your network across a variety of sectors and among individuals in a variety of roles to maximize its effectiveness. Only when you have a strong network of professional contacts and connections will you be able to draw the attention of top companies and get the positions you seek.

You may utilize a variety of social media channels to meet new people and expand your professional network. In this setting, you may engage with professionals from a variety of sectors who can assist you in developing your career in the proper direction by offering useful insights in conjunction with their diverse expertise and abilities.