Job Detail

Swimming Pool Attendant

Posted on Sep 16, 2020
Doha, Qatar

Job Description

Responsible for ensuring the safety of all tenants using the swimming pool.
To observe the swimmers at all times for any signs of danger
Ensure that all swimmers adhere and abide by the rules and regulations
Maintain the water circulation and vacuuming of pool
Ensure that pool area is clean at all times including annual cleaning of water
Teach swimming to tenants as and when asked for.
During winters, schedule outdoor and indoor games like Squash, Tennis, etc. with tenants
Must not leave the pool area unattended
Providing good customer service by being friendly, courteous and maintaining and professional posture at all times
Maintain proper procedure and discipline when entering the work place and check personal hygiene.
Be presentable and wear proper uniform at all times. 
To perform and submit weekly checklist to the designated immediate supervisor


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