Job Detail

Financial Analyst

Posted on Sep 15, 2020
Dubai, UAE Bachelors

Job Description

Fenix Investments Limited is looking for a Financial Analyst who will be responsible for the financial planning and investment analysis for the company, allowing the organization to make well-informed decisions.
Fenix Investments Limited is an investment company established in 2014 and based in the DIFC with efficient manpower but substantial assets in different countries.
The successful candidate should be able to determine the best use of company’s resources to achieve business objectives. They will be expected to produce monthly reports using financial data, and work collaboratively across the team to analyze business performance and investment strategy. In particular the candidate should be familiar and have good understanding of treasuries, mortgages, equities, bonds, private equity, hedge funds, structured products, commodities, options and should be able to calculate and model using computer programs concepts like IRR, leverage, discounted cash flow, value at risk, net present value and others. The candidate should be familiar with macroeconomic concepts, trends, and basic economic variables like inflation, interest rate and curves, cost of funds and other variables that may affect future investment performance.
The final objective is for the Financial Analyst to evaluate the investments in the portfolio and calculate the performance so he/she can produce analysis and recommendations to the management in order to increase profitability.
Duties and responsibilities
·         Forecast future revenue and expenditures to help determine budgets for upcoming projects
·         Research and report on financial information, as well as monitoring financial movements within the financial markets
·         Analyzing current and past financial data
·         Looking at current financial performance and identifying trends
·         Preparing reports on the above information and communicating the insights of these reports
·         Consulting with the management team to develop long-term financial plans
·         Suggesting budgets and investments based on the above information
·         Exploring different investment opportunities
·         Developing financial models and providing financial forecasts
·         Developing initiatives and policies that may improve financial growth
·         All the above should result in the candidate being able to make recommendations that will increase the net profit of the investment portfolio
Job qualifications and requirements
·         A university degree in one of the following subjects : Finance , Economics, Mathematics or Business
·         Minimum 2 years of experience with financial analysis and financial forecasting
·         Proficiency in MS Offices and financial software applications
·         Attention to detail and the ability to identify data patterns
·         Knowledge of equities, fixed income, financial derivatives and similar concepts
·         Good understanding of futures and options
·         Ability to calculate portfolio returns
·         Willingness to study and learn concepts to increase his knowledge base
·         Good working ethics
·         Team working capacity
·         Abreast of industry update
The position is offered effective August 1st with six months training period. The compensation will be an annual salary of 220,000 AED plus an annual bonus of up to 15% of yearly salary at management discretion depending on the candidate performance and results.


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